Monday, October 27, 2008

Schaumburg life.. 1

Hmm.. Its been long time since i penned anything.. the whole of august and september was damn busy till my project went to prod.

I never knew i can withstand so much pressure!

I remember the day when my mom , dad, sister, brother-in-law everyone who were hurriedly making all arrangements for me to leave. Shopping at the last minute is an absolute pain- I lately realized. I got to leave by sept1st 12:30am. (ie august 31 midnight). Imagine that i din't do any shopping till that friday since I had to go to bangalore on an office trip then.MYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDD !! all day shopping.. shopping.. My legs were begging me to let them rest some where.. But mind won't allow them to do so.. as it was racing in every other direction.. which one next on the list.. come on.. the grocery..?? suitcaaasee..?? shoooes...?? oh my GOD ! so many left on the list yet to be shopped..

Fianlly the interesting episode of shopping came to an end with the pressure cooker at rathna store.. huh! I don't understand how i had so much hope that i am gonna cook ?? :P pity my mom.. her 850 bugs all went waste. I literally used the cooker only once here. But the ready mix's from Adayar Grand sweets are damn good.. They are my mom's here... making my job sooooo simple... that too the garlic rasam and tomato rasam paste comforted my stomach's after heavy pizza's / french fries I had during noons.

There were days when i thought .. oh.. God.. who will cook.. what a kind of nasty job is it. ? ? even asked my mom.. once.. are you not getting bored with all this cooking three times a day all week,, ?? Now , when i cook with my friends Devika, Raju, Sangeetha, Naveen.. I literally enjoy it. I lately realized that it was not the cooking that was a boredom but the way i felt to cook alone was a boredom.I even made capsicum curry and dhal once on my own !!! It was interesting i promise you if were thinking my kind ..

uh..oh.. too much on the kitchen stuff.. having never been out of home on my own since childhood , I really enjoy- being here with friends , pass comments on every person who comes by our way, kid eachother for silly things we do.. Hmm.. I am sure this trip is going to be my mind for long.. sweet memories !!!

I pity the shuttle driver who drives us to office and back to hotel. we make such huge noises in the shuttle that are worse than 10 truck's horn.We din't spare him also. all laughter.. comments.. noises.. making him to wait for a while.. seeing his long tensed face after a long wait.. speaking in a differnt language that he doesn'e seem to understand.. was fun for us.. to him as well i guess.. Would never drove for a ppl of our king i guess.. we even used to tell among ourselves.. " i guess it is rahukala for him everyday from 5:30 to 5:45 .. ever since we came here.. " .

more to come..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yaaaru thiruduna Vennaiya.... ????

Well, the very answer that comes to your mind should be our KRISH JI .. (aRe, LORD KRISHNA )hai na ? what matters to HIM .. ?? HE is the BOSS.. He can steal, He can place it back, He can do everything he wants to..

seri seri.. romba blade podadha.. matterku va.. this is what you should be thinking rite ??? :D haha (great,.. I ve becoming good mind reader :P :) Thiripi oru build pa..?? I understand Guys..

okie, Anusha talks -------2., This title struck me when I read 'WHO MOVED MY CHEESE ?? ' by Dr.Spencer Johnson.It motivated me so much.. I never thought, this little story will have this much essence in it.

The story goes like this.. there were two mice (SNIFF & SCURRY) and two lilliputs(HEM & HAW ) and they all are in search of cheese. Both the mice followed a error and trial method to search and have the cheese. These lilliputs used thier intellect and instinct to reach a cheese station even before the mice's did. They were very much happy by seeing such a large cheese store !! soon SCURRY and SNIFF also followed them and they were clever.. they din't reinvent the wheel..once they knew cheese s there .. they applied the GO-TAKE formula.

Days gone by. The station ran out of cheese. By then, SCURRY and SNIFF visited the station and when they found no cheese in it, they were not surprised. They had witnessed the station running down in stocks day by day and they were ready for the change.But our intellect food-kings HEM and HAW were not ready for the change. They toiled a lot to find the cheese station and once they got.. OK .. HABBA.. EVERYTHING fine.. JOLLY FOR LIFETIME.. was their attitude. They were so much dependent on that and were not prepared for surprises.

They kept complaining that somebody has moved the cheese.. etc. idiots kept on finding reason behind who could have moved the cheese that was no more.But after a while one of the guys HAW realized that what s the point in grumbling over a thing that has already meant nothing ... denial is denail.. you dont have cheese..means you dont have.. . But even after reasoning this much, the beautiful garland of roses started to smell bad because it was carried on a fish basket.. (And don't ask me does fish smells bad.. i am not in for a controversy here :P hehe :).. and yeah, that basket was undoubtedly HEM, THE GREAT.

but, to his fortune, Suddenly one day it dawned to HAW.. if we had made a way to this cheese station.. why can't we make to another one.. But then when he shared his view to the HEM Bloke, He was still strong on his legs. Never gave in.. Kept Empty face at the cheese station as a daily routine hoping that some where some one would have hidden the cheese (typically, i remember the 'PUDHAYAL' vettai in our culture :P , no better words to describe HEM's attitude).

And , yeah, HAW thought.. Ok Boss !! This not going to work out.. It s high time that i take my own road .. He went on .. When he started it was a pain in the neck for him..

Imaginary fears used to drive him crazy .. there were moments that he would give a thought 'How about going back.. ?? but he used to question himself.. ' WHAT WOULD you DO if u wereN'T AFRAID?? ' (I fall for this line.. this line pierced my heart gently like an needle does to a young tree i.e pasumarathu aaNi pola.. ) and then he realized 'THE FEAR u BUILD up in your mind' is actually worse than the situation that ACTUALLY EXISTS..'. from then on, He enjoyed what he did, found new directions which took his pain of the past disappointments, and realized that a journey on a boat will be fun when it moves with the waves.. (and Tsunami does not apply here.. :D )

Finally, he reached a cheese station and found a wide variety of cheese that he had never seen in his lifetime and surprisingly he met the two naughty beings also there and was awed about their flexibility in attitude which brought them there before him.
He hoped HEM also does the same .. but He can only tell and think of good for him..
if One cannot do good to himself.. NO one ELSE in the world can !!

The story comes to an end like this . And I wished to draw some parallels to do some justice to the title.. :D

When I read 'THE FEAR u BUILD up in your mind' is actually worse than the situation that ACTUALLY EXISTS..', i thought of Gita verses 'What are u afraid for ?? What is yours today is destined to some body else tomo..SO BE prepared for the change..'
These verses also means to me that 'Don't be too much dependent on things.. take it easy attitude always works' and I realized this when I recollected that how HEM refused to believe that the station ran out of stocks.

Though the title occured to me when i tried translating 'WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?' in tamil, It finally inspired some philsophical corellation to the story.. KISHAN JI Mere kaam pe aagaye hein !.. :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kallakal kottal Queen.. Whoossssssss That ????

Confused rite .. after seeing the title??? For people who know me very well there should be no confusion at all.. Yes who else is the Queen other than me ???

Recent days I am not at all emptying my tiffin box.. rather rarely touch mine.. !!mostly i peep into Dennis' BIG box. Haan ji Haan !! Vo tho hamara Soru podara saamy hai.. big heart for him Boss !! He brings variety of food stuff.I should say I pudungyfy and eat samosa sandwich that he orders and empty half of his box too.. (I know what you people think.. Idhu sonnaye correct nu thaane !! .. :P ) ye tho mera har dhin ka maamla ban gaya.He is the first sheep for my hunger axe.. (axe ala sheepa vetta mudiyumaa nu thane kelvi?? i know :P This is a wooden sheep ya.. haha .. theriyadhu ndradha epdi samalichom laaa :D )

Aparam.. I dont stop with this.. I vekkame illama go to priscilla's table and share their food also.. some times, some body will sit in our table for lunch.. I dont see known person.. unknown person and all.. molaga arachufy in their head also.. and eat lot of apples, that should by law be in the client's stomach.

So ventures to different tables and different tiffin boxes has been my daily routine.. amma appappa keppanga.. ennade unakku pasikkave pasikkadha.. ivalo kammiya dhan vekkaren.. idha kooda sapadama thirupi konduvaraye nu.. romba varutha puduvaanga.. appo I will perumaya tellu.. "Amma enga office la ellarkum periya manasu.. oorar pullaya ooti valatha than pulla thaana valarumnu ellarkum therunjurku.. Nan adhayum kali panni.. idhayum epdima kaali panna mudiyum.. enakku irukardhu oru vayiru thaane.." .. She ultimately cannot talk to me and will end up saying.. "ennavo panni thola.. Unakku romba chellam kuduthu appa keduthu vechurkaaru " :P

Let this be apart.. following my veera saagasam at saapadu.. I have changed some lines of a song from pammal uve sammandham and dedicate to myself..

Kottikka povadhu yaaaaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuu.......
Naaaaaaaaaaaannnn thaaaaaaaannnnnnn...
Varundhi kidapadhu yaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuu....?????

Yaaranu solradhu pa.. Neraya per saapatla than naan kayya vechaache.. :P

The other day when I was seeing the 'Kalakka povadhu Yaaru..?? ' comedy show, i wondered how will it be if there is a show called 'Kottikka povadhu yaaru.. ??' :P

Naan aana variteya neraya sapuduven.. Neraya lam sapadamaaten.. Sathiyamaaa !! :P

But recent days putting lot of weight.. So My dear Friends .. Neengellam thapicheenga nu than nenakaren !!.. pappom... unga mela andha aandavan karuna kaataraana nu :P

(Some sentiment kadasila add panum ila pa.. Idhu tamil film styluuu :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

odd thought triggers laugh..

Recent days, I have a peculiar habit or rathr disease. yeah thats how i should say .. some thing wakes me up around 3 - 3:30 in the morning.. (may be bcoz these days I have light dinner.. and get up at 3:30 Am eating marie biscuits,rusk and horlicks.. )Having nothing to do at such an odd hour.. I was just singing 'Kathala kannala ' song .. aparama that scenes and all ran thru my mind.. I cant stop laughing when i see prasanna with his wig trying to give a villian look as he tries to kodhufy(idhukku english la enna solradhu ?? ) his hair.

This very scene triggers laughter whenever I imagine.. appa oru crude thought srtuck my mind... how will it be if i apply the wig to every one i know and imagine them giving the same villian look as he tries to do...

ovorthara imagine panna panna sema comedy.. siruppu thangave mudiyala.. amma endhurchu.. ennade indha nerathula kekka pekke nu sirippunu thitnanga.. avangalkum wig apply panni paarthutu adhukku mela sirippu thanga mudiyala.. :P

You can also try this for whomever u see.. u will burst out laughing... I pray God my PM should not read this.. (Padicha Govinda than.. :P )whoever invented this morphing .. hats
off to him !! and that too marphing it in our brain .. sema somedy !

Monday, May 5, 2008

lyrics ma lyrics... part one

paatu kekardhuna i like very much.. But i can't do work / reading while listening to music.
apdi kettadhula.. some lyrics stand in my mind .. i want to have them documented here.. some may mean silly.. some really good !

first one is from marubadiyum- "ellorum sollum paatu" song

Nilavinai nambi iravugal illai..
iravugal kaatum velichathin ellai..
oru vaasal moodi..
maru vaasal veippan Iraivan !

whenever i listen to these lines.. i feel a sense of strength in myself ! I remember my fried puppy telling.. " Even though nothing is in our hands, Nothing is beyond our hands"

next one is from same film - "nalam vaazha " song

naaygan melirundhu noolinai aatukindran..
naamellam bommai endru naadagam kaatukindran..
manitharin jathagam Iraivanin kayile..

These lines make me remember the "Seven ages of man" - i guess pera correct a sonnenu..
but not sure.
some more lines from the same song..

Kaaviyam poloru kaadhalai theetuvaan
kaaranam eedhumindri katchigal matruvaan

I really like these lines.. U should see how Arvind samy and Revathy have lived in that scene.. howww the poet has described Revathy's mental agony so aptly !!!! ???

next one is a little philosophical.. this is from "ninaipathellam nadandhu vittal" song

aayiram vaasalgal idhayam..
adhil aayiram ennangal udhayam..
yaaro varuvaar .. yaaro poovar..
varuvadhum povadhum theriyaadhu..

.. nothing much in this. I like the unique way the poet has put forward the how people are prone to multitude of thoughts ..


"eer kuchiyaai illamal nee .. thee kuchiyaai iru da..
ulle oru ushnam vandhaal .. nam vaazhvil velicham varum..
Manasa irubaakkanum.. Malaya thrumbaakkanum...
aazh kadal kooda thaane .. aaru pole maaridume.. "

these lines are from the film Dheena..To me these lines give a sense of inspiration... especially the last line..

.. More to come :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

en manadhin oli.. after seeing Salangai Oli..

yeah today i had a chance to watch the salangai oli movie. This is not the first time i am watching the movie. But I never get bored by watching the movie.. not only this one.. but also few others like anjali, mouna ragam etc.

I just admire the actress in the film sooooo much :) ( Jayapradha , i guess is the actress) Her acting is so serene.. so involved.. she has lived in that character.. so to say.. not even in a single place you can see the actress over doing things than what is expected. And more than that Her costumes .. all sarees are too good!! i really want to know what type of saree she wears in the song 'Idhu mouna mana neram.. ila manadhil enna baaram'. she looks too good in that ..

Our padmashree kamal hasan needs no explicit appreciation. As usual he always kalakkufies .. The way he dances over the well .. in the "thagida thadhimi.. thagida thadhimi thandhaana" though lot of 'cut's are involved.. it s never shown up on screen and the song ends with mind absorbing words "Kaadhal ennai kaadhalikka villaiiiii.. " ... when jaya pradha gives her hand to save him from falling down ..
so touchy it was !! the lyrics and the picturization are in toootal sync.. it jus stands ever green in my mind :) !!

"Naadha vinodhangal.. nadana santhoshangal.. parama sugangal tharume.. " song is one more mani in that salangai.. "kayilai naadhan nadanam aadum siva roopam.. pournami naera oLiyil aadum oLi dheepam... navarasa nadanam.. Dhani sani sani saa.. Jadhi tharum amudham.. Dhani sani sani saa.. " .. hayyyyao !!! what a music and what a dance..!! whooooole day i kept singiing these lines.. jus wonderful..

at the end of this song kamal haasan and jayapradha will act as if they have performed in the all India dance competition and people are craving to get autograph
from kamal.. and they are trying to get out of that crowd.. too good the acting was!!

salangal oli on the whole is a master piece in my sense.. i dint learn dance unfortunately.. i want atleast my kids to learn bharatha natyam.. and will torture them to dance for this song.. dono if there is a better song than this.. but they should definitely dance for this one :P

gtalk profiles --1

I feel bored after seeing something or doing the same thing again and again. I used to change my status messages and gtalk profile pics almost daily. I am planning to put some of my status messages and profile pics here..

Jhonny jhonny yes papa .. eating sugar no papa..

ina mina dica.. dai damanica.. maka naka naka.. tica pica rola rica..Rampam poosh rampam po !